Class Descriptions

Gentle Yoga     A slower paced class that promotes movement to improve muscle tone, joint health, flexibility, balance, and relaxation. Seated, standing, and reclining poses designed to increase range of motion. Chairs, blankets and other props will be available to ease the student into the poses. Recommended for beginners, seniors, or those seeking relaxation through gentle movement and breath work.

Multi Level     An active class incorporating the basics as well as challenges for more experienced students. Incorporating multi levels of instruction this class is designed to improve flexibility, balance, strength and endurance. A step above basics this class is designed to foster technique and alignment while challenging and encouraging the student to deepen their yoga practice.

Hatha Yoga     This practice includes essential yoga postures, seated, standing, reclining, principles of alignment, and inversions. Emphasis on the fundamentals of yoga developing strength, endurance, range of motion, body awareness, flexibility, mental focus and relaxation. Recommended for beginners or those who want to review and go deeper into the fundamental poses.

Chair Yoga Community based class for mobile adults. Ideal for students that want the benefits of yoga but do not enjoy sitting on the floor or moving up and down from the floor during class. Designed to decrease stress, increase range of motion in the joints, improve balance, flexibility and strengthen the muscles around the joints. Sitting and standing poses included. Suitable for people with arthritis.